Friday, October 5, 2007



This blog is for the purpose of examining Christianity in the light of History. I will attempt, to the best of my ability, to examine church doctrines in the light of church history, and examine the faith of men throught history, particularly American and European History.

Comments are Welcome, as I can always learn from others. However, comments, while disagreeable, must be respectful, and should address the topic at hand.

God Bless,

Puritan Lad


John D. Chitty said...

Now this looks like my kind of blog! I just discovered it today. I'm beginning to read your posts in order but you may not hear from me for a couple of weeks as I'll be leaving for a tour of the Holy Land with my wife, pastor, a few families from our SBC church led by the teaching of a Dr. Toler (whom I've yet to meet) from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Be watching The Misadventures of Captain Headknowledge for pictures and remarks about my trip after I return on Thanksgiving Day.

Puritan Lad said...

Thanks for visiting John. I'll be checking your out.